Hydro Ottawa

Vectra has become an essential part of the Hydro Ottawa security operations team

Vectra augments the work of security analysts at Hydro Ottawa using AI

“The reality is cyber attacks are going to happen,” said Jojo Maalouf, IT security manager at Hydro Ottawa. “That means you have to be able to detect and remediate threats as quickly as possible. We were using a log aggregator that required a lot of manual threat hunting.”

“That’s why we turned to Vectra,” Maalouf explained.

Automating threat management

By detecting threats in real time on the corporate network with Vectra, Hydro Ottawa can prevent targeted attacks from spreading to the operational network and eliminate disruptions to the distribution of power throughout the region.

More effective security operations

The Vectra Threat Certainty Index™ plays a significant role in boosting efficiency. It automatically consolidates thousands of threat events and historical context to pinpoint infected hosts that pose the greatest risk with the highest degree of certainty.

Adding immediate value

The time-to-value with Vectra was swift at Hydro Ottawa. While proof-of-concept tests for security are legendarily time-intensive, Maalouf described the Vectra product evaluation as “very easy.”


Public utilities


Close the gap between infection and detection

Selection criteria

Automate threat management that is simple to use and integrates easily with other security tools


  • Faster threat detection and response
  • Eliminates manual threat hunting and speeds-up threat investigations
  • Highest-risk threats are automatically scored and prioritized so security teams can quickly stop attackers before damage is done
  • Advanced cybersecurity protection based on the NIST framework

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