Vetropack gains blind-spot free visibility to detect and stop attackers in the network

Artificial intelligence gives Vetropack a fast, efficient way to detect and respond to cyber attacks

An obscured view of threats

“Network perimeter security alone is not effective at stopping cyber threats,” said Markus Müller-Fehrenbach, Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations at Vetropack. “We knew that if we had visibility inside our network, we could detect and stop cyber attackers quickly, before they have a chance to damage or steal important data and assets,” he added.

Seeing more clearly

Vetropack realized that the only way to meet this challenge was to monitor all network traffic for active threats. And in doing so, it was important to avoid disrupting network operations and creating more work for its overburdened security team.

Improves operational efficiency

After its installation at Vetropack, “Vectra brought several important procedural improvements and structural workflow efficiencies to our security operations,” said Müller-Fehrenbach.


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Unable to see threats that evade perimeter security and spread inside the network

Selection criteria

Improve visibility and automate the hunt for cyber attackers in the network


  • Blindspot-free visibility to detect and stop attackers in the network
  • Automation reduced the workload on overburdened security teams
  • Faster threat detection and incident response at all locations