Financial services

  • Detect the suspicious use of Ammyy, VNC, PuTTY and other remote administration tools.
  • Identify Carbanak and other hidden attacks that target financial services organizations.
  • Reveal attacker communication in encrypted traffic and hidden HTTPS tunnels.
  • Supports specific cybersecurity assessment categories under the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).

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Industrial manufacturing

  • Real-time, automated detection of command-and-control attack behaviors, including the use of external remote access tools.
  • Identify malicious internal reconnaissance behaviors such as internal darknet scans and SMB account scans.
  • Detect SMB brute-force attacks and other lateral threat behaviors.
  • Expose and mitigate hidden data smuggling behaviors associated with the exfiltration phase of a cyberattack.

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  • Identify the early stages of attacks related to ransomware, Zeus, Citadel and other malware variants.
  • Detect compromised medical IoT devices that are used as proxies to carry out targeted attacks.
  • Expose attacker behaviors that attempt to steal PHI, PII and payment card information.
  • Supports healthcare compliance requirements, including PCI DSS, HIPAA and HITECH.

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Energy and Utilities

  • Expose attacker behaviors related to Flame, Shamoon, Duqu and other malware targeted at energy and utility organizations.
  • Real-time detection of internal reconnaissance behaviors when attackers search for critical management systems.
  • Identify lateral movement by attackers who attempt to steal administrative and account login credentials.
  • Detect hidden command-and-control tunnels used by attackers to evade firewalls and steal data.

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Pharmaceuticals and medical devices

  • Enterprise-wide visibility into attacker behaviors enables pharmaceutical firms to protect intellectual property.
  • Identify cyberattackers in real time before they steal or compromise critical assets.
  • Expose suspicious access to vital intellectual property and other key assets by authorized employees.
  • Detect policy violations related to the use of cloud storage, USB storage and other means of moving data out of the network.

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Higher education

  • Detect cryptocurrency mining and other abuses of university services and property.
  • Expose attacker behaviors that attempt to steal PHI, PII, payment card data, intellectual property and research.
  • Identify compromised BYOD and IoT devices that are used to launch broader attack campaigns.
  • Supports compliance mandates, including FERPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS and the Safeguards Rule.

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  • Real-time, automated cyberattack detection and AI-assisted threat hunting.
  • Proactively exposes hidden cyberattackers in data center and cloud workloads, user and IoT devices, and encrypted traffic without decryption.
  • Collects and stores enriched, network-wide metadata for advanced threat hunting and conclusive incident investigations.
  • Supports DFARS 252.204-7012, NIST 800-171 framework categories and CIS Critical Security Controls 6.0.

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