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  • Cyberattacke auf Marriott-Hotelkette politisch motiviert?

    IT Business, 17 December 2018

    "Dieser Cyberangriff ist eine Form der Spionage von Nationalstaaten", sagt Gerard Bauer, Vizepräsident von EMEA bei Vectra. "Der einzige Unterschied ist jetzt, dass es im Cyberspace passiert, anstatt in ein Gebäude einzubrechen und physische Dokumente zu stehlen."

  • As manufacturing moves into cyberspace, so do security threats

    Manufacturing.net, 13 December 2018

    Vectra’s artificial intelligence-based platforms detected “a higher-than-normal rate of malicious internal reconnaissance behaviors” from attackers inside of manufacturers’ systems and that this “indicates that attackers are mapping-out manufacturing networks in search of critical assets to steal or damage.”

  • China suspected of massive Marriott data breach

    Security Now, 13 December 2018

    "Hacks are getting bigger because the volume of data generated on the Internet every single day is so large," says Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra. "Just like a user employs a search engine to get information, a cyber spy will search massive online databases for information."

  • Clemson's cautionary cryptomining tale

    HPCwire, 11 December 2018

    “Cryptomining efforts are popular across higher education," according to a study published in March from Vectra. Vectra reported that 85% of cryptocurrency mining instances happened in higher education between August 2017 and January 2018, compared to just three percent in the technology sector.

  • Former Equifax CEO blamed for 'entirely preventable' data breach

    IT Pro, 11 December 2018

    "Prevention will never be 100%," says Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra. "That is unrealistic. The report states the breach was entirely preventable. I don't believe that is true. It is the same notion as building a wall would stop the drug trade. The criminal build tunnels instead."

  • Damning report on Equifax security failures is a lesson for all enterprises

    Computer Business Review, 11 December 2018

    "We can improve our ability to detect and respond to breaches by looking for the type of behaviors an attacker performs," says Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra. "The most critical threat behaviors should be correlated with compromised hosts in real time before they become a problem."

  • Equifax breach was ‘entirely preventable,’ congressional report says

    MarketWatch, 10 December 2018

    “It is a classic ‘could have, should have’ scenario,” says Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra. “As long as a motive exists, attackers will continuously attempt to compromise networks until they succeed. The failure comes down to people and process, not necessarily technology."

  • Emotet-Malware verursacht schwere Schäden in Unternehmensnetzwerken

    IT Daily, 7 December 2018

    Für Gérard Bauer, Vizepräsident von EMEA bei Vectra, zeigt der Erfolg der "alten" Emotet-Malware eines der grundlegenden Probleme vieler IT-Sicherheitslösungen, die immer noch auf klassischen Cyber-Sicherheitskonzepten basieren.

  • The next big risk to your security is your child’s video-game habit

    MarketWatch, 6 December 2018

    “Gaming has always been an arena for hacking and attacks,” says Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra. “In today's competitive and financially lucrative gaming world, that means bypassing developer controls to gain a competitive advantage or disrupt other players.”

  • UK spy agency joins NSA in sharing zero-day disclosure process

    SecurityWeek, 6 December 2018

    "Zero days are saved for the most critical needs," says Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra. Most attackers don’t like to waste this type of knowledge when they can simply convince a user to give them access to their system instead."

  • 30 years ago, the Morris worm changed our view of cybersecurity

    Verdict, 5 December 2018

    “Enterprises are unable to spot worm reconnaissance and lateral movement behaviors," says Matt Walmsley, EMEA director at Vectra. "Security analysts can't operate at the speed and scale required to manually identify the threat and close down their lines of communication and movement."

  • AI companies race to get upper hand in cybersecurity before hackers do

    Investor's Business Daily, 3 December 2018

    To detect cyberthreats, their AI software sifts through massive stores of computer network data. Wall Street analysts are eyeballing and a handful of other private firms. With AI tools, the new AI companies are taking customers away from cybersecurity industry incumbents, analysts say.

  • Marriott: Quelles conséquences de la violation de données de 500 millions de clients?

    Informatique News, 3 December 2018

    "La réponse aux incidents prend trop de temps et, dans de nombreux cas, les équipes de sécurité tentent de comprendre ce qui s'est passé et comment l'empêcher de se reproduire plutôt que de détecter et d'intervenir tôt dans le cycle de l'attaque pour éviter le vol et les dommages," a déclaré Gregory Cardiet. un expert en cybersécurité chez Vectra.

  • Violation massive de données des clients Starwood

    Solutions Numerique, 3 December 2018

    "Les attaquants avancent lentement et par étapes pour obtenir des privilèges et adopter une variété de comportements avant d’accéder aux données souhaitées, de les exfiltrer," explique Gregory Cardiet, expert en cybersécurité chez Vectra. "La détection de ces comportements à un stade précoce est essentielle."

  • 500 millions de clients des hôtels Marriott piratés

    Lemonde Informatique, 3 December 2018

    "Si les dates sont vraies, entre la date de détection initiale ou le 8 septembre 2018 et la divulgation publique de la faute, l'exigence de notification GDPR de 72 heures était très loin d'être respectée," déclare Gregory Cardiet, expert en cybersécurité chez Vectra.

  • Marriott reconnaît une brèche affectant 500 millions de clients

    LeMagIT, 3 December 2018

    "Disposer de systèmes qui surveillent le comportement d'exfiltration plutôt que d'essayer d'inspecter les charges utiles de données peut être un moyen de relever ce défi," déclare Gregory Cardiet de Vectra. "La détection de ces comportements à un stade précoce est essentielle."

  • 500 Millionen Datensätze bei Marriott ausgecheckt

    Manage IT, 3 December 2018

    "Was die Datenschutzverletzung selbst anbelangt, war die Exfiltration der Daten innerhalb der Verschlüsselung möglicherweise ein Versuch, Sicherheitskontrollen wie Systeme zum Schutz vor Datenverlust zu umgehen", sagt Gerard Bauer, Vizepräsident der EMEA.

  • Marriott Starwood data breach details: What was taken?

    SecureWorld, 30 November 2018

    Incident response continues to take too long as security teams try to figure out what happened and how do we stop it happening again, says Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra. "It's important to spot and close down an attacker earlier in its lifecycle to minimize or stop a breach from occurring."

  • Marriott: 500 million guest records compromised in data breach

    Security Now, 30 November 2018

    "Data exfiltration inside encryption can circumvent security controls like data loss prevent," Morales says Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra. "Systems that watch for exfiltration behaviors, rather than trying to inspect the data payloads, can provide a way to handle this challenge."

  • Marriott Starwood reservation system data breach exposes 500 million customer records

    SC Media, 30 November 2018

    Although Marriott reported the malware resided in its U.S.-based reservation system, if any EU guests were involved it could open the company up to fines due to GDPR, said Chris Morales, head of security Analytics at Vectra.