Cognito to detect hidden cyberattackers in Azure hybrid clouds

Vectra to offer the industry’s first agentless approach to detecting hidden cyberattackers in the Azure cloud

Cognito goes native with the Azure Virtual Network TAP

  • Extend AI-driven cyberattacker detection and threat hunting to protect Azure workloads in hybrid cloud environments.
  • Provides native visibility into the Azure cloud, hybrid environments and the enterprise.
  • Advanced agentless cyberattacker detection and threat hunting reduces cost and risk of coverage gaps in dynamic cloud environments.
  • Detect abuse of protocols and use of rootkits and backdoors that are missed by host-based agents.
  • Automatically learn admin access models, including who manages specific Azure workloads and from where.

Visit the Microsoft Azure Virtual Network TAP resources page

Unprecedented threat detection in hybrid cloud environments

  • The Azure Virtual Network TAP will capture traffic between workloads, making it available to Cognito vSensors running in the Azure cloud for analysis by the Cognito platform.

“The agentless approach demonstrated by Vectra and Microsoft will offer full visibility into hidden threats in dynamic Azure environments.

Daniel Basile, Executive Director of the Security Operations Center, The Texas A&M University System

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Vectra to integrate with Microsoft Azure to detect cyberattackers in hybrid cloud environments

Joining forces with Microsoft to detect cyberattacks in Azure hybrid clouds

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