Technology partner ecosystem

From cloud and data center workloads to user and IoT devices, today's enterprise security infrastructure is a vast and complicated collection of independent systems that are often blind to each other's actions.

Customers want to tear down the walls that separate these systems – such as SIEMs, endpoint security, firewalls, and orchestration – to improve workflows and define how the security infrastructure is collectively leveraged, controlled and automated.

Vectra and its technology partners make it happen. We help customers build well-coordinated security infrastructures that automatically map active attacks to infected hosts, rank the certainty of threats, and prioritize the ones that pose the highest risk.

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Vectra is the sole visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IDPS

Virtualized data centers

The Cognito platform proactively identifies critical vulnerabilities at every layer of the virtualized data center. Leveraging AI, Cognito detects hidden cyberattacks against applications, data, virtualization layers and the underlying physical infrastructure. Threats that pose the highest risk are immediately scored and prioritized so you can quickly avert theft or damage.

Next-generation endpoint security

Endpoint-security solutions complement the Cognito platform by providing rich contextual data about specific devices in the network, including machine name and operating system, that Cognito has detected are under attack. With comprehensive endpoint context, security teams can quickly identify malicious processes on the endpoint and respond efficiently.

Security Information and Event Management

The AI-based Cognito platform gives SIEMs rich insights into active threats that are unseen by traditional security solutions by offering visibility into every phase of an in-progress cyberattack. Cognito also provides the most efficient and insightful starting point for investigations and SIEM rules by precorrelating threat scores with compromised hosts.

Next-generation firewalls

The Cognito platform and next-generation firewalls create a formidable threat mitigation force. Cognito identifies infected hosts, their IP addresses and threat certainty and pushes this information to next-generation firewalls, which quarantine the infected hosts, stop communication with command-and-control servers, and prevent data exfiltration.

Automated Security Orchestration

The Cognito platform works with leading security orchestration systems to automatically detect hidden cyberattacker behaviors, pinpoint host devices at the center of an attack, and block threats before key assets are damaged or stolen. This enables faster enforcement actions by next-generation firewalls, endpoint security and network access control solutions.

Traffic Optimization

Traffic optimization solutions augment the Cognito platform by aggregating network traffic from SPAN and TAP ports for inspection and analysis as well as filtering unneeded traffic. These solutions can also increase operational efficiency by load-balancing traffic, dynamically tightening filters and redirecting traffic to ensure the highest availability.