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Network-based threat detection

Over time, given the significant (and likely insurmountable) security staffing constraints, organizations need to embrace automated actions based on alerts from detection.“Trustable automation” will require detection to continue to evolve in both accuracy and scale. With new technologies described in this paper, detection can make the requisite improvements to provide the basis for this critical automation.


Attacker Behavior Industry Report, 1Q 2017

The Attacker Behavior Industry Report reveals cyber attack detections and trends from nearly 200 Vectra enterprise customers across 13 different industries. By examining attacker behaviors, Vectra shows where potential exposure and risk exist inside networks and uncovers strong indicators of potentially damaging data breaches.

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How to interpret network-based malware detection

This research paper by Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann examines the ecosystem nuances of network-based malware detection and the limits imposed on intelligence extraction of captured malware samples. It also explains the impact on organizations that strive to mitigate malware threats using network-based detection systems.