How Vectra closes the cybersecurity gap

White Papers

How Cognito secures cloud data centers from cyberattacks

This white paper explains how to protect cloud data centers from cyberattacks. It looks at unique architectural and operational challenges, examines real-world attacker techniques, and proposes a framework to defend against them.

How to augment security operations centers with AI

This paper examines obstacles in the fight against cyberattacks and how AI speeds-up detection and response in the SOC. AI augments the work of SOC teams to make operations more efficient and mitigates cyberthreats before damage is done.

How Cognito is ideal for replacing IDS

IDS relies on signatures to stop known threats from getting into networks. But they are blind to unknown threats. Cyberattackers know this and can change a few bits of code in known malware to create an unknown threat.

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The data science behind Cognito AI threat detection models

Cognito AI blends human expertise with a broad set of data science and machine learning techniques. It delivers a continuous cycle of intelligence based on threat research, global/local learning models, deep learning, and neural networks.

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Surviving the ransomware pandemic

The early detection of ransomware attacks is essential. Ransomware is becoming more prevalent and increasingly sophisticated because the criminal appetite for juicy payouts and limited risk are too big for attackers to ignore.

How to detect malicious covert communications

Covert communications are key enablers of cyberattacks, enabling cybercriminals to remotely manage and control targeted attacks while staying hidden. Attackers use covert communications for its ability to evade signatures and reputation lists.

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See how Cognito can transform you into a cybersecurity superhero

The Cognito threat detection and response platform finds hidden cyberattackers in real time -- from cloud and data center workloads to user and IoT devices -- so you can stop them early and prevent theft or damage.

Detecting cyberattacks in the data center

Data center security mainly protects virtualized layers, prompting attackers to create and exploit backdoors in the physical infrastructure. Only the most advanced detection models can expose attacks against the physical and virtualized layers.

Defeating and abusing machine learning detection technologies

To explain how Vectra uses AI to automate the detection of cyberattackers and speed-up incident response, CTO Oliver Tavakoli talks about data science, machine learning techniques, deep learning and more at Infosecurity Europe.

Hear from the former deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Jane Holl Lute is currently on the board of directors at the Center for Internet Security, president and CEO of SICPA North America and special advisor to the United Nations secretary general.

Analyst Reports

The road rises up to meet Vectra with $36 million funding round

By Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst | February 2018

We continue to see interest from enterprise CISOs in network traffic analysis to detect live threats as they go about their business of reaching out to other machines, gathering intelligence and exfiltrating data. We expect Vectra Networks to allocate some of its new investment capital to enhance its investigation and remediation features.

Gartner names Vectra the sole visionary in IDPS

By Craig Lawson, Research Vice President | January 2018

Vectra is the only “Visionary” in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. We believe we are positioned as the visionary for our innovative use of machine learning and analytics that automate threat hunting, triage, correlation and prioritization, which reduces the security operations workload by up to 29x.

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Automating security operations with AI

By Tony Palmer, Senior IT Validation Analyst | October 2017

This ESG Lab Spotlight explores the Cognito platform, which perform real-time detection and analysis of cyberattacks. The security landscape is bleak, and is only getting worse. Vectra is a promising next step toward a more secure infrastructure.