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How to detect and respond faster to cyberattacks with Vectra and CrowdStrike

March 29, 2018, 10 a.m. PST

Join Timothy Wade from Bridgepoint Education, to learn how the integration of the Vectra Cognito platform with Falcon Insight endpoint detection and response from CrowdStrike enables security teams to unify network and endpoint context to quickly detect, verify, and isolate cyberattacks.

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A day in the life of a security operations center analyst

Now available on-demand

Watch this webinar to learn how security analysts at Texas A&M University System adapt to the constantly changing threat landscape and use artificial intelligence as part of their cybersecurity arsenal.

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How to strengthen your cybersecurity posture with artificial intelligence

Join Chris Morales, head of security analytics at Vectra and Holger Schulze, founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders, as they discuss how AI can be used to augment the role of a Tier-1 security analyst and put them in the best position to effectively defend an attack.

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How to integrate Vectra with Phantom

Extend threat intelligence to the automation and orchestration platform

This webcast shows how Vectra integrates with the Phantom automation and orchestration platform. It includes a playbook that showcases how to implement automated and semi-automated workflows using Vectra Active Enforcement for Phantom.

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Ticketmaster automates threat hunting

Learn how AI secures transactions for more than 400 million ticket-buyers

Don't miss this 30 minute session with Beau Canada, vice president of information security at Ticketmaster, as he will explain how artificial intelligence in the Vectra cybersecurity platform automates the hunt for hidden cyber attackers inside the organization's network. Learn how AI has helped secure transactions for more than 400 million fans and protects the brand identity of more than 20 countries. 

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Ransomware keeps working 24/7, why aren't you?

Join Vectra and Demisto as they discuss turning threat detections into action by integrating with other leading security solutions to stop in-progress cyber attacks and quarantine compromised host devices. 

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How AI detects and mitigates attacks in the software-defined data center

Join Vectra and VMware as they discuss cybersecurity challenges in virtualized environments and how their integration improves visibility into hidden cyber attacks in data centers, enabling faster threat detection, response and mitigation.

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Post-Intrusion Report, 1Q 2017

The 2017 Post-Intrusion Report reveals cyber attack detections and trends from nearly 200 Vectra enterprise customers across 13 different industries. By examining attacker behaviors, Vectra shows where potential exposure and risk exist inside networks and uncovers strong indicators of potentially damaging data breaches.

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Are you drowning looking for threats in a data lake?

Dan Basile, executive director of the Security Operations Center at the Texas A&M University System, talks about core capabilities of the SOC and how to make it smarter using artificial intelligence. 

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Automatically correlate attacker behavior detections and Splunk events

Join Albert Caballero, chief information security officer for HBO Latin America, to learn how to automatically correlate real-time attacker behaviors detected by the Vectra cybersecurity platform with events in Splunk Enterprise.

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How to quickly detect and stop hidden cyber attackers in the public cloud

Join Vectra and Gigamon for this compelling look at how you can detect and respond faster to cyber attackers that hide in your physical, virtual and cloud network infrastructures.

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Ransomware pandemic special

On Friday, May 12, 2017 a ransomware attack spread very rapidly among unpatched Windows systems worldwide.

Advances in AI augmenting security teams, is seeing the industry shift to identifying attacker behavior in real time. Attend this webinar to learn more about the attack and how Vectra®Networks automates the hunt for hidden cyber attacks.

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Automatically quarantine endpoints based on network attack behavior detections

Join Albert Caballero, information security officer for HBO Latin America, to learn how to automatically pivot from real-time attack behavior detections in the Vectra UI to Carbon Black Response to expedite forensic investigation and isolate compromised hosts.

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Why data center attackers are aiming low

While most data center security has focused on protecting the virtualized layers, real-world attackers are increasingly subverting the data center's physical infrastructure. This webcast analyzes the reality of data center cybersecurity. 

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Insider threats – How to prevent, detect and remediate insider attacks

Join Vectra for a discussion about insider threats and what cybersecurity professionals are doing to prevent, detect and remediate insider attacks.

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The expanding role of data analytics in threat detection

The SANS Institute

Recent SANS studies on malware, intrusion prevention and cyber threat intelligence agree that almost every organization, no matter how well prepared, is infected with malware to some degree and that many show signs of malicious activity.

This webinar provides insight and guidance about:
- The characteristics of the technologies being used in this modern age of intelligence-driven threat detection
- How this new type of threat detection differs from more traditional methods
- How data analytics affects existing security frameworks and complement critical security controls"

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Shouldn’t intrusion detection systems actually detect intrusions?


IDS has lost its ability to spot cyber intrusions. Sophisticated attackers are using more evasive, strategic intrusions to spread rapidly through networks. This webinar analyzes new approaches to IDS and how they detect today’s most advanced cyber attacks.

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How to detect hidden cyberattack communications inside today’s networks


Today’s cyber attackers survive by hiding their attack communications from the prying eyes of security. It’s a critical part of their attack arsenal and it lets them patiently manage and propagate attacks throughout your network, undetected.

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Building resilient security with network-based threat detection


Prevention alone is not enough. IDS, SIEM tools and other traditional threat detection methods aren’t solving the problem, either. Join host Mike Rothman, president of Securosis, who will share perspectives from his research report, Network-Based Threat Detection. Vectra CSO Gunter Ollmann will also share real-world examples and observations from the field.

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The new rules of engagement for breach detection


Forrester Principal Analyst John Kinderwag will explain the new rules of engagement for automating the response to network breaches. Also, Wade Williamson, director of threat analytics at Vectra, will expose real-world cyber-attack techniques and reveal new detection methodologies that can identify active threats before data is stolen.

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Hostage crisis survival: The ransomware pandemic

Tune-in to hear Jacob Sendowski, Ph.D., senior product manager at Vectra Networks and Wade Williamson, direct of threat analytics at Vectra Networks discuss ransomware, the implications for enterprises, and steps that can be taken to help IT organizations address the risks.

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Making cybersecurity manageable with high-fidelity security


Join David Monahan, research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Wade Williamson, director of threat analytics at Vectra Networks, to learn how to implement high-fidelity security to manage today’s most challenging threats, efficiently and effectively.

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Protecting healthcare organizations from cyber attacks

Connie Barrera, CISO of the internationally recognized Jackson Health System in Miami, will talk about the rising tide of cyber attacks and medical device vulnerabilities that are threatening healthcare organizations and how automated threat management has played a key role in mitigating this ominous problem – without requiring additional headcount.

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Detecting and preventing cyberattacks in your network-University Business

In this webinar with University Business magazine, Vectra and Barry University discuss the importance of real-time threat detection to stop cyber attackers as they spy, spread and steal critical assets from the network. 

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Cognito dashboard

This video shows how to use the Cognito dashboard to quickly find the highest-risk attack detections in your network.

Cognito host detections

This video shows how to use the Cognito user interface to find the hosts at the center of an attack, and quickly investigate to any level of detail.

An overview of the Cognito user interface

This short video provides an overview of the intuitive cyberattack detection capabilities of the Cognito user interface.

User interface for Cognito detections

This video shows how to use the Cognito user interface to quickly investigate threats across all phases of the cyberattack kill-chain.

User interface for Cognito reporting

This video demonstrates how to schedule and generate on-demand reports of the most critical cyberattack detections in your network.

Build an adaptive distributed architecture with S-series sensors

This short demo video shows how to deploy and use Vectra S-series sensors, which deliver real-time cyberattack detection capabilities to all corners of your network.