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Vectra tells the difference between anomalous user behaviors and attacker behaviors.

— Minuk Kim
Director of Information Security
DAQRI, provider of Augmented Reality
for the industrial workplace

Vectra AI automates the hunt for cyber attackers and speeds-up incident response

Texas A&M cuts threat investigation time from days to minutes

Texas AandM cuts threat investigation time from days to minutes

It's the fastest, most efficient way to detect and respond to hidden cyber attackers in your network

Vectra is Security that thinks®

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SOC workload reduction of 168X

Workloads or devices
Security events
Hosts with detections
Critical or high risks

In a 90-day period

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How to automate security operations centers with AI
Detect threats faster, speed-up incident response and introduce new efficiencies


Man + Machine is the winning combo for combatting cyber threats

by Chris Morales

In the fight against cyber-attacks, time is money. According to the Ponemon institute, the average cost of a data breach is $3.62 million. Reducing the time to detect and time contain an incident can significantly mitigate the cost of a breach, and possibly prevent it.

Maturity level and effectiveness are two of the most important measurements of SOC performance. Maturity reflects an enterprise’s development level regarding its approach to managing cybersecurity risk, including risk and threat awareness, repeatability, and adaptiveness. Effectiveness is a measurement of the SOC’s ability to detect and respond to an incident as it happens.

We conducted a survey.


  • Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2017
    Sept. 18-19, InterContinental London - The O2, London

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