Vectra fills a big cybersecurity void in the public cloud.

— Beau Canada, VP of Information Security

Vectra AI automates the hunt for cyber attackers and speeds-up incident response

Texas A&M cuts threat investigation time from days to minutes

Texas AandM cuts threat investigation time from days to minutes

It's the fastest, most efficient way to detect and respond to hidden cyber attackers in your network

Vectra is Security that thinksĀ®

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Predict Ransomware Attacks Using AI

27 September 2017, 1:00 PM PDT

SOC workload reduction of 168X

Workloads or devices
Security events
Hosts with detections
Critical or high risks

In a 90-day period

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How to automate security operations centers with AI
Detect threats faster, speed-up incident response and introduce new efficiencies


Better together: Tight integration between endpoint and network security can stop attacks faster

by Kevin Kennedy

Many security teams are overwhelmed with the scale and ferociousness of digital threats. Threats are sneakier and more damaging, and security operations centers (SOCs) are being worn down investigating and stomping out incidents.


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