Vectra is the only visionary in the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
Gartner Magic Quadrant

Vectra AI automates the hunt for cyberattackers and speeds-up incident response

Texas A&M cuts threat investigation time from days to minutes

Texas AandM cuts threat investigation time from days to minutes

The fastest, most efficient way to detect and respond to cyberattackers

Detect threats faster

Vectra is Security that Thinks®

SOC workload reduction of 29X

Workloads or devices
Security events
Hosts with detections
Critical or high risks

In a 90-day period


This overview explains everything you need to know about the Cognito automated threat detection and response platform.


"Vectra is threat detection on steroids," says Duane Smith, chief information security officer at Tribune Media. "I saw immediate value in Vectra."


Attackers can use your admin tools to spy, spread, and steal

by Cognito

In my last blog, I spoke about a financial customer performing pen testing and how I helped the blue team detect the red team as it carried-out an attack. I’m back again today with another story from the trenches.

This time, I’ve been working with a customer in the manufacturing sector who recently deployed me. As before, this customer prefers to remain anonymous to keep cybercriminals in the dark about their newly developed security capabilities. To stay on top of their game, they routinely run red team exercises.


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