Cognito is the ultimate AI-powered cyberattack-detection and threat-hunting platform

The Cognito platform from Vectra® uses AI to detect attackers in real time and enrich threat investigations with a conclusive chain of forensic evidence.
  • Automates threat detection

    Always-learning behavioral models detect attackers in real-time to enable quick, decisive response and a logical investigative starting point.

  • Empowers threat hunters

    Launch deeper incident investigations detected by Cognito and other security controls, and hunt retrospectively for covert attackers.

  • Exposes hidden attackers

    Network metadata, logs and cloud events are collected, analyzed and stored to reveal hidden attackers in workloads and user/IoT devices.

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The power to Detect and Recall

The Cognito platform consists of Cognito Detect and Cognito Recall.

  • Cognito Detect™

    • Reveal hidden and unknown attackers in real time with machine learning, data science and behavioral analytics working in concert.

    • Conclusively detect threats based on indicators of compromise from hunting operations and high-quality threat intelligence feeds.

    • Full threat context eliminates manual guesswork and puts the most relevant attack details at the analyst's fingertips.

    • Drive dynamic incident response rules and automatically trigger responses from existing security enforcement points.

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  • Cognito Recall™

    • Hunt for threats retrospectively to determine whether newly discovered indicators of compromise exist in historical data.

    • Accelerate incident investigations with conclusive, actionable context about compromised devices and workloads over time.

    • Quickly and easily find all devices or workloads accessed by compromised accounts and identify files involved in exfiltration.

    • Rich, historical metadata is stored in the cloud for as long as it is needed to augment incident investigations.

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