What customers are saying about Vectra


Texas A&M cuts threat investigation time from days to minutes

Daniel Basile, executive director of the security operations center at the Texas A&M University System

Case Studies

Augmented Reality for the industrial workplace

“The modern machine learning techniques that are employed by Vectra easily tell the difference between anomalous user behaviors and attacker behaviors. That lets me focus on stopping the real threats.” — Minuk Kim, Director of Information Security

Securities Exchange

“Malware can take days or weeks to be caught. Vectra gives us actionable security intelligence to find the threat. We are operationalizing Vectra as the brains of our cybersecurity.”   — Deputy Chief Information Security Officer

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association

“Vectra gives us visibility so we can monitor our internal hosts and address any security issues in real-time. It doesn’t get confused by normal traffic that can set off bogus alerts.”   — Dave Buffo, Senior IT Security Administrator

Tribune Media Group

“Vectra is threat detection on steroids. It does the homework for me and tells me if we’re having an infiltration, such as a brute force attack. Then I can dig deeper and get to the real problem.”   — Duane Smith, Chief Information Security Officer

Good Technology

"Vectra shows me what’s going on. If there’s a data smuggler, I can click on the host, see the data smuggler, where it’s getting data, where it’s sending it, and how to mitigate the threat.”   — Chris DeKonink, Head of Cybersecurity

Aruba Networks, an HPE company

“No other security product correlates threats like Vectra, not even the SIEM. But even if our SIEM or IDS identified a threat, we would only be able to see it retroactively after sifting through data.”   — James Nelson, Director of Information Security


“Vectra translates into time savings. We don’t have to sit there and look at it all day because the alerts we get from Vectra have already been analyzed and the false positives removed.”   — Sam Kamran, Chief Information Security Officer

Barry University

“Vectra detected an attempted exfiltration that we needed to mitigate right away. We saw it and quickly stopped it. I didn’t think it was possible to have visibility into attacks as they were happening.”   — Dr. Hernan Londono, Associate Chief Information Officer

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